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3rd Grade Math TEKS Review

Updated: Sep 29, 2021


Click on the links below to access each post in this 3rd grade TEKS review series.

Reporting Category 1

Numerical Representations and Relationships

3.2A - Composing/Decomposing Numbers

3.2B - Place Value Relationships

3.2C - Rounding Numbers

3.2D - Comparing and Ordering Numbers

3.3A - Representing Fractions

3.3C - Unit Fractions

3.3D - Composing/Decomposing Fractions

3.3E - Partitioning Fractions

3.3F - Representing Equivalent Fractions

3.3G - Explaining Equivalent Fractions

3.3H - Comparing Fractions

3.4I - Even and Odd

3.7A - Fractions on a Number Line


Reporting Category 2

Computations and Algebraic Relationships

3.4A - Addition and Subtraction

3.4B - Rounding and Compatible Numbers

3.4D - Arrays

3.4E - Representing Multiplication Facts

3.4F - Multiplication and Division Facts

3.4G - 2 by 1 Multiplication

3.4H - Division (Equal Shares)

3.4J - Relationship Between Multiplication and Division

3.4K - Solving Multiplication and Division Problems

3.5A - Representing Addition and Subtraction

3.5B - Representing Multiplication and Division

3.5C - Multiplication as Comparison

3.5D - Multiplication and Division Fact Families

3.5E - Real-World Number Pairs


Reporting Category 3

Geometry and Measurement

3.6A - 2D and 3D Shapes

3.6B - Quadrilaterals

3.6C - Area of a Rectangle

3.6D - Additive Property of Area

3.6E - Unit Fractions and Shapes

3.7B - Perimeter

3.7C - Time Intervals

3.7D - Capacity and Weight


Reporting Category 4

Data analysis and personal financial literacy

3.4C - Counting Money

3.8A - Summarizing Data

3.8B - Solving Data Problems

3.9A - Human Capital and Labor

3.9B - Scarcity of Resources

3.9D - Credit

3.9E - Saving

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