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If you want to be good, work alone. If you want to be great, work with others.
If you want to be the best, work with a coach.
Powerful coaching results when the coach and client work together to PEER behind the veil of current reality and glimpse the power of what is possible. It's job-embedded professional development for the 21st century.

Partnership: The coach and client work together to build and maintain trust, agree on outcomes, and learn from each other.

Exploration: The coach and client dive below the surface, challenge current ways of thinking, and bring to light previously hidden obstacles.

Emotions: The coach uses presence and active listening to notice and discover the client's emotions, energy shifts, and other behaviors that lie at the root of the topic. 

Revelation: Through maintaining a coaching presence and listening actively, the coach facilitates client growth by evoking awareness and uncovering truths.

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