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Elementary TEKS Grades 3 - 5

Purpose: Teachers understand the interconnectivity of their grade-level standards to enrich instruction

Format: 2-hour session

Outcomes: Attendees will:

  • Explore how the Texas state standards connect with each other

  • Identify the three most essential concepts for their grade level

  • Bundle standards with repeatable practice exercises

Magic 10

Purpose: High-leverage mathematical interactions increase achievement when they focus on the five strands of mathematical proficiency

Format: 45-minute or 2-hour session

Outcomes: Attendees will:

  • Learn 10 questions to use that will kickstart powerful feedback cycles

  • Explore how interactions are enriched when extended through clarification and feedback

  • Role play several scenarios to stamp new learning (2-hour session only)


Minimum training: 1 day

Price per day: $3,000 (travel outside of DFW metro area extra)

Delivery: Virtual or in-person

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