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Algebra 1 TEKS Review

Updated: Aug 20


Click on the links below to access each post in this Algebra 1 TEKS review series.

Reporting Category 1

Number and Algebraic Methods

A.10A - Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

A.10B - Multiplying Polynomials

A.10C - Dividing Polynomials

A.10D - Rewriting Polynomials

A.10E - Factoring Trinomials

A.10F - Difference of Squares

A.11A - Simplifying Square Roots

A.11B - Laws of Exponents

A.12A - Identifying Functions

A.12B - Evaluating Functions

A.12C - Recursive Sequences

A.12D - Writing Recursive Sequences

A.12E - Properties of Equality


Reporting Category 2

Describing and Graphing linear functions, equations, and inequalities

A.3A - Determining Slope

A.3B - Rate of Change

A.3C - Graphing Functions and Identifying Features

A.3D - Graphing Inequalities

A.3E - Graph Transformations

A.3F - Solutions for Systems of Equations

A.3G - Real-world Systems of Equations

A.3H - Solutions for Systems of Inequalities

A.4A - Calculating Correlation Coefficient

A.4B - Association and Causation

A.4C - Writing Linear Functions


Reporting Category 3

Writing and solving Linear functions, equations, and inequalities

A.2A - Domain and Range of Linear Functions

A.2B - Writing Linear Equations in Various Forms

A.2C - Writing Linear Equations

A.2D - Direct Variation

A.2E - Equations for Parallel Lines

A.2F - Equations for Perpendicular Lines

A.2G - Lines Parallel or Perpendicular to Axes

A.2H - Writing Linear Inequalities

A.2I - Writing Systems of Equations

A.5A - Linear Equations and the Distributive Property

A.5B - Linear Inequalities and the Distributive Property

A.5C - Solving Systems of Equations


Reporting Category 4

Quadratic Functions and equations

A.6A - Quadratic Domain and Range

A.6B - Writing Quadratic Equations

A.6C - Solutions, Graphs, and Quadratic Functions

A.7A - Attributes of Quadratic Function Graphs

A.7B - Zeros of Quadratic Functions

A.7C - Parent Functions

A.8A - Solving Quadratic Equations

A.8B - Real-world Quadratic Functions


Reporting Category 5

Exponential functions and equations

A.9A - Domain and Range of Exponential Functions

A.9B - Interpreting Exponential Functions

A.9C - Writing Exponential Functions

A.9D - Graphing Exponential Functions

A.9E - Exponential Regression

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