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6th Grade Math Reporting Category Review

Updated: Aug 29, 2021


Click on the links below to access each post in this 6th grade TEKS review series.

Reporting Category 1

Numerical Representations and Relationships

6.2A - Classifying Number Sets

6.2B - Absolute Value

6.2C - Compare and Order on a Number Line

6.2D - Ordering Rational Numbers

6.2E - Fractions as Division

6.4C - Ratios and Multiplication

6.4D - Rates as Quotients

6.4E - Representing Ratios and Percents

6.4F - Benchmark Fractions and Percents

6.4G - Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

6.5C - Describing Parts of a Whole

6.7A - Order of Operations and Prime Factorization

6.7B - Expressions and Equations

6.7C - Equivalent Expressions

6.7D - Properties of Operations


Reporting Category 2

Computations and Algebraic Relationships

6.3A - Division and Reciprocal Multiplication

6.3B - Multiplying by a Fraction

6.3C - Representing Integer Operations

6.3D - Operations with Integers

6.3E - Multiply and Divide Positive Rational Numbers

6.4A - Additive and Multiplicative Relationships

6.4B - Real-world Ratios and Rates

6.5A - Representing Ratios and Rates

6.5B - Wholes, Parts, and Percents

6.6A - Dependent and Independent Variables

6.6B - Equations and Tables

6.6C - Representing Additive and Multiplicative Relationships

6.9A - Writing One-variable Equations and Inequalities

6.9B - Representing Solutions on a Number Line

6.9C - Writing Problems for Inequalities and Equations

6.10A - Solving One-variable Equations and Inequalities

6.10B - Determining Validity of Equations and Inequalities


Reporting Category 3

Geometry and Measurement

6.4H - Converting Units

6.8A - Triangles

6.8B - Area Formulas

6.8C - Equations for Area

6.8D - Area and Volume

6.11A - Graphing on the Coordinate Plane


Reporting Category 4

Data analysis and personal financial literacy

6.12A - Representing Numeric Data

6.12B - Describing Data

6.12C - Summarizing Numeric Data

6.12D - Summarizing Categorical Data

6.13A - Interpreting Numeric Data

6.14A - Personal Financial Literacy Checking Accounts

6.14B - Personal Financial Literacy Debit and Credit

6.14C - Personal Financial Literacy Balancing a Check Register

6.14E - Personal Financial Literacy Credit Reports

6.14F - Personal Financial Literacy Value of Credit Reports

6.14G - Personal Financial Literacy Paying for College

6.14H - Personal Financial Literacy Annual Salaries

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