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5th Grade Math TEKS Review

Updated: May 11


Click on the links below to access each post in this 5th grade TEKS review series.

Reporting Category 1

Numerical Representations and Relationships

5.2A - Expanded Notation

5.2B - Compare and Order Decimals

5.2C - Rounding Decimals

5.4A - Identifying Prime and Composite Numbers

5.4E - Describing Parentheses

5.4F - Simplifying Expressions and Order of Operations


Reporting Category 2

Computations and Algebraic Relationships

5.3A - Estimation with Four Operations

5.3B - Multiply 3-Digit by 2-Digit

5.3C - Division with 2-Digit Divisors

5.3D - Decimal Multiplication with Area Models

5.3E - Multiplying Decimals

5.3F - Decimal Division with Models

5.3G - Dividing Decimals

5.3H - Add and Subtract Fractions with Models

5.3I - Multiplying Whole Numbers and Fractions with Models

5.3J - Dividing Unit Fractions and Whole Numbers with Models

5.3K - Adding and Subtracting Positive Rational Numbers

5.3L - Dividing Whole Numbers and Unit Fractions

5.4B - Representing Equations for Multi-step Problems

5.4C - Generating Additive and Multiplicative Patterns

5.4D - Recognizing Additive and Multiplicative Patterns


Reporting Category 3

Geometry and Measurement

5.4H - Area and Perimeter

5.5A - Classifying 2D Shapes

5.6A - Recognizing Volume

5.6B - Finding Volume

5.7A - Unit Conversions

5.8A - Attributes of the Coordinate Plane

5.8B - Describing the Coordinate Plane

5.8C - Graphing on the Coordinate Plane


Reporting Category 4

Data analysis and personal financial literacy

5.9A - Dot Plots and Stem-and-Leaf Plots

5.9B - Scatterplots

5.9C - Solving Data Problems

5.10A - Taxes

5.10B - Income and Payments

5.10E - Budget

5.10F - Balancing a Budget

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