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5th Grade Math - Adding and Subtracting Positive Rational Numbers

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

This post explains and give practice opportunities related to TEKS 5.3K:

add and subtract positive rational numbers fluently


Students learn add and subtract decimals, including money, and fractions, both proper, improper, and mixed numbers. Here's a video showing how to add and subtract decimals.

To add fractions, students first find a common denominator.

Students add mixed numbers in two parts - the whole numbers and the fractions.

Subtracting fractions involves finding common denominators and also sometimes requires regrouping.

Subtracting mixed numbers is done in two parts - the whole numbers and the fractions.

Students learn to change mixed numbers to improper fractions.

Students learn to change improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Sometimes, fractional answers need to by simplified to be represented properly.


STAAR Practice

Between 2016 and 2023, (including redesign practice) this readiness standard has been tested 16 times on the STAAR test. Videos explaining each problem can be found below. If you'd rather take a quiz over these questions, click here. The videos below are linked to the questions in the quiz as answer explanations after the quiz is submitted.


To view all the posts in this 5th grade TEKS review series, click here.

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