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8th Grade Math TEKS Review

Updated: Aug 24, 2022


Click on the links below to access each post in this 8th grade TEKS review series.

Reporting Category 1

Probability and Numerical Representations

8.2A - Visualizing Real Numbers

8.2B - Approximating Square Roots

8.2C - Scientific Notation

8.2D - Ordering Numbers


Reporting Category 2

Computations and Algebraic Relationships

8.4A - Slope in Similar Right Triangles

8.4B - Slope as Unit Rate

8.4C - Slope and Y-intercept

8.5A - Representing Linear Proportional Relationships

8.5B - Slope-intercept Form

8.5E - Direct Variation

8.5F - Proportional and Non-proportional Graphs

8.5G - Identifying Functions

8.5H - Identifying Proportional and Non-proportional Functions

8.5I - Modeling Slope-intercept Form

8.8A - Writing Equations and Inequalities

8.8B - Writing Problems for Equations and Inequalities

8.8C - One-variable Equations

8.9A - Intersecting Linear Equations


Reporting Category 3

Geometry and Measurement

8.3A - Similar Proportionality

8.3B - Dilations

8.3C - Dilation Representations

8.6A - Describing the Volume of a Cylinder

8.6C - Modeling the Pythagorean Theorem

8.7A - Volume

8.7B - Surface Area

8.7C - Using the Pythagorean Theorem

8.7D - Pythagorean Theorem on the Coordinate Plane

8.8D - Lines and Angles

8.10A - Generalizing Transformations

8.10B - Congruence and Transformations

8.10C - Transformations on the Coordinate Plane

8.10D - Dilations and Measurements


Reporting Category 4

Data analysis and personal financial literacy

8.5C - Linear Relationships

8.5D - Trend Lines

8.11A - Scatterplots

8.11B - Mean Absolute Deviation

8.12A - Comparing Simple Interest

8.12C - Growing Money Over Time

8.12D - Calculating Interest

8.12E - Different Payment Methods

8.12F - Financial Responsibility

8.12G - Saving for College

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