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6th Grade Math Review: Day 7

In yesterday's post we looked at percents, parts, and wholes. We also started looking at writing some story problems that matched equations or inequalities. If you missed the live stream with the answers and explanations, you can watch it here. We're continuing with that theme today by creating graphs and more stories for equations. We'll also solve simple one-variable equations.

Creating Graphs for Equations

One of the most important standard for 6th graders to learn is TEKS 6.6C, which states that students be able to represent both additive and multiplicative situations in many forms, including graphs. Here's a video to show you how it's done.

Now you can try it out yourself. Take a look at this sample problem from a released STAAR test below.


Creating Stories for Equations

The same standard, TEKS 6.6C, also states that students should be able to represent additive and multiplicative situations in stories. Here's a quick recap of that skill in action.

With the information you reviewed in the video above, you're now ready to try this problem.

Another aspect of TEKS 6.6C that was not tested in 2017 is creating tables for additive and multiplicative relationships. You can watch a video about that here.


One-Variable Equations and Inequalities

After students have represented equations and inequalities with tables, graphs, stories, and even in verbal descriptions, they are FINALLY asked to solve them! Here's a short video explaining how to find solutions or simplify equations and expressions.

With that information, you're now ready to try out your skills on this released STAAR test question.


Correct Answers Tonight (4/22/20) at 8:00 pm (CDT), I'll live stream from my YouTube channel to go over the answers to these three practice problems. Make sure you've already worked them out ahead of time. I can answer questions you might have in the stream chat and I'll put the recording on my channel and in this post for anyone that couldn't watch it live.

If you haven't done so already, you can subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to get notifications for live streams and new videos that I post.

Here's the live stream with the answers and explanations.

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