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6th Grade Math Review: Day 10

In yesterday's post we reviewed some customary conversions, angles in a triangle, and graphing on a coordinate plane . If you weren't able to catch the live stream with the answers, you can watch it here. Today we finish our short study of the third reporting category in the assessed curriculum - Geometry and Measurement.

Equations for Area and Volume

Students learned all about volume in 5th grade and have been solving problems for area for a few years now. This standard continues to integrate the two concepts, as well as asking students to represent formulas for both concepts, and you can learn more by watching the video below.

Here's another opportunity to practice your measurement skills. Try to solve this problem from a released STAAR test.


Finding the Area of a Trapezoid

New to 6th grade is finding the area of a trapezoid. Though a simple quadrilateral, the formula for finding the area of a trapezoid involves a few steps. Here's a video explaining the concept.

Now try solving this problem by finding the area of a trapezoid.

This concept, unfortunately, can be quite tricky because the formula for the area of a trapezoid can be represented in many ways. You can learn more about the various representations here.


Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Much like in 5th grade, 6th graders should be able to solve for the volume of a rectangular prism. The formula might look a little different in 6th grade than it did in 5th, however. Watch the video to learn more.

With that explanation, try solving this problem from a STAAR released test.

Note: This question asked students to measure the rectangle using a ruler. Since the measurements would change based on your screen size, I've given you the length and width below.


Correct Answers Tonight (4/28/20) at 8:00 pm (CDT), I'll live stream from my YouTube channel to go over the answers to these three practice problems. Make sure you've already worked them out ahead of time. I can answer questions you might have in the stream chat and I'll put the recording on my channel and in this post for anyone that couldn't watch it live.

If you haven't done so already, you can subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to get notifications for live streams and new videos that I post.

Here's the live stream with the answers and explanations.

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