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4th Grade Math Review: Day 9

In yesterday's post we reviewed area, perimeter, and lines of symmetry. Today we continue looking at geometry by examining the different types of triangles and classifications of 2D shapes.

Types of Triangles

Triangles can be described and sorted based on both their side lengths and their angle measurements. Here's a short recap of the many terms that students should be familiar with.

With that in mind, try this geometry problem from a released STAAR test.


Classifying 2D Shapes

Students might think that they already know everything about 2D shapes shapes but in 4th grade they start classifying them by the existence or absence of parallel and perpendicular lines. Here's a video to solidify your understanding of these concepts.

Here are a few released test items you can use to test your knowledge.


Correct Answers Here's a video you can use to check your answers.

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