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Magic 10

Audience & Format

This intense, content-rich mathematics training is designed for all levels of mathematics (K-12).

This training can be delivered in-person or virtually.


Each training segment includes exploring the Magic 10 questions and improving instruction through the ask - repeat - feedback - encourage/explore cycle. Click here to see the difference between the 45-minute and 2-hour sessions.

Learn more

More information about the Magic 10 and the Ask - Repeat - Feedback - Encourage/Explore cycle can be found here.


Teachers will leverage interactions with students to increase engagement and achievement across the five strands of mathematical proficiency.


The training is 6 hours, split up into either three equal 2-hour segments for 3 grade levels (full) or 6 equal 45-minute segments for 6 grade levels (compact). See sample itineraries here.


The training cost is $2,500. If delivered in-person, additional travel costs may apply to schools outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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