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4th Grade Math Review: Day 11

In yesterday's post we reviewed spent a little time looking at how to how to draw and measure angles with a protractor and estimating relative weight or mass. Today we turn our eyes toward the 4th and final reporting category, data analysis and personal financial literacy.

Dot Plots and Frequency Tables

Students learned about dot plots for the first time in 3rd grade and continue to use them in the 4th grade. They also continue to use frequency tables and relate them to dot plots. Here's a short video showing how the two work together.

Try to solve this problem to test your new knowledge.


Creating Stem-and-Leaf Plots

Stem-and-leaf plots are introduced for the first time in 4th grade and can be used to represent whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Here's a video showing you how to create these new data representations.

Now you can try out your new knowledge on this released STAAR problem.


Correct Answers

Here's a quick video showing how to solve each problem.

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