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Reporting Category 3 (TEKS 5.6 Volume)

Geometry and Measurement

The videos in this post explain mathematics Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill 5.6:

Geometry and measurement. The student applies mathematical process standards to understand, recognize, and quantify volume.

The STAAR videos below are selected released items from 5th grade STAAR tests in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021. You can view the complete review of the 2017 STAAR test here.



recognize a cube with side length of one unit as a unit cube having one cubic unit of volume and the volume of a three-dimensional figure as the number of unit cubes (n cubic units) needed to fill it with no gaps or overlaps if possible

Teaching video

STAAR Videos



determine the volume of a rectangular prism with whole number side lengths in problems related to the number of layers times the number of unit cubes in the area of the base

Teaching video

STAAR Videos


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