Full-day Training

Day 1

Purpose: Teachers gain knowledge about impactful pedagogical practices to upgrade any math instruction

Format: 6.5-hour session

Outcomes: Attendees will:

  • Learn the five facets of student motivation

  • Understand the five strands of mathematical proficiency

  • Highlight elements of successful math instruction

  • Practice instructive feedback loops to elevate math interactions

Day 2

Purpose: Teachers explore math routines, manipulatives, and the interconnectivity of standards

Format: 6.5-hour session

Outcomes: Attendees will:

  • Engage in several types of number talks (quantity and operational)

  • Understand the concrete - pictorial - abstract continuum

  • Experience open-ended problems that are bundled and repeatable

  • Further explore one element of choice for deeper learning


Minimum training: 1 day

Price per day: $2,500 (travel outside of DFW metro area extra)

Delivery: Virtual or in-person