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7th Grade Math TEKS Review

Updated: May 22, 2022


Click on the links below to access each post in this 7th grade TEKS review series.

Reporting Category 1

Probability and Numerical Representations

7.2A - Number Sets

7.6A - Simple and Compound Spaces

7.6C - Predictions Using Experimental Data

7.6D - Predictions Using Theoretical Probability

7.6E - Simple Events and Their Complements

7.6H - Predictions From Simple Experiments

7.6I - Simple and Compound Probabilities


Reporting Category 2

Computations and Algebraic Relationships

7.3A - Rational Number Operations

7.3B - Operational Word Problems

7.4A - Constant Rates of Change

7.4B - Calculating Unit Rates

7.4C - Constant of Proportionality

7.4D - Solving Rate Problems

7.7A - Slope-intercept Form

7.10A - Writing Inequalities

7.10B - Inequalities on a Number Line

7.10C - Writing Real-world Problems

7.11A - Equations and Inequalities

7.11B - Determining the Validity of Equations and Inequalities


Reporting Category 3

Geometry and Measurement

7.4E - Converting Units

7.5A - Attributes of Similarity

7.5B - Describing Pi

7.5C - Solving Scale Problems

7.9A - Volume

7.9B - Circumference and Area

7.9C - Area of Composite Figures

7.9D - Surface Area

7.11C - Sum of Angles in a Triangle


Reporting Category 4

Data analysis and personal financial literacy

7.6G - Solving Scale Problems

7.12A - Comparing Numeric Data

7.12B - Inferences About Populations

7.12C - Comparing Two Populations

7.13A - Calculating Tax

7.13B - Calculating Personal Budget

7.13C - Net Worth

7.13D - Family Budget

7.13E - Simple and Compound Interest

7.13F - Comparing Monetary Incentives

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