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5th Grade Math Review: Day 2

You made it through day one of our 5th grade math review! Yesterday's post talked about rounding, comparing, and order decimals. If you missed the live stream of the answers, you can watch that here. Today we finish looking at the first reporting category (section) of the 5th grade curriculum, numerical representations and relationships, by exploring two related concepts.

Prime and Composite Numbers

This is a brand-new concept for 5th graders, so pay close attention. Students should be able to break down any number into its factors to determine whether it is a prime (only two factors, 1 and itself) or composite number (three or more factors). If this only seems vaguely familiar, check out the video below.

Now that you've refreshed your memory, go ahead and solve this problem from a released STAAR test.


Simplifying Expressions

Have you ever wondered if your child had an unknown relative, named Aunt Sally, and why your child was being so polite to her? In 5th grade, students learn, again for the first time, how to simplify numerical expressions using the order of operations. In order to remember the correct order, most are taught a simple mnemonic - Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. If that still doesn't ring a bell, watch the video below.

Now that you know the correct order of operations, try these two problems from a released STAAR test.


Correct Answers

Tonight (3/24/20) at 8:00 pm (CDT), I'll live stream from my YouTube channel to go over the answers to these three practice problems. Make sure you've already worked them out ahead of time. I can answer questions you might have in the stream chat and I'll put the recording on my channel and in this post for anyone that couldn't watch it live. If you haven't done so already, you can subscribe to the channel to get notifications for live streams and new videos that I post.

Here's the live stream with the answers and explanations.

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