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4th Grade Math Review: Day 1

Welcome to the first day of a twelve-day review of 4th grade math. Let's get right to work!

Expanded Notation

Students learned about expanded notation for the first time in 3rd grade. This year they extend their knowledge through the millions place but also to the hundredths place. Watch out! Expanded form for decimals can be tricky because each place value can be represented two different ways.

Once you've learned how to decompose numbers using expanded notation, why not take a crack at these problem from a released STAAR test?


Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Students have been comparing numbers for many years before entering fourth grade. One new feature of this skill is representing numbers that have been ordered from least to greatest or greatest to least using the < or > symbols. Watch this short video for a refresher.

Go ahead and try this problem from the same released STAAR test.


Correct Answers

Here's a recording of the answers and explanations. Make sure you've worked them out ahead of time before watching the video.

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